Month: December 2021

Update About Arsenal FC News

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Arsenal is the famous English football club coming from London. The club was founded in 1886 and entered the English football league in 1893. Arsenal has a very large fan base from all around the world and sometimes it gets difficult to satisfy all of them. Lately, not all the things are going well in the club. That's why I want to talk about the latest Arsenal news here.

Let's start with Tom Cruise, the 19 year old young Gunner. The recent Arsenal news was about the exiting of Tom Cruise from the team. This excited young Gunner is looking forward to talk to Arsene Wenger because of putting him into a reserve player list for the next season. He is the kind of player who always looks at the ways to improve his game and this is the reason that today there are numerous fans of this young football star.

Next, we can talk about that almost all the fans have aimed their annoyance at Arsene Wenger for not getting a novel goalkeeper for the last summer season and incoming seasons. And it looks like Mark Schwarzer is angry at not getting selected to play into Emirates in present summer season. Mark was bafflingly hurt during some of the initial matches of a recent season.

To speak the truth, the team might be facing difficulty finding a good goalkeeper, but on the other side, 17 year old Ryo Miyaichi is also going to join Arsenal by the end of this year. He had a long conversation with Arsene Wenger before joining, as Ryo was confused with the selection of clubs between Dutch giants Ajax and Arsenal. As lots of changes being noticed this season, Wenger is pleased to bring Laurent Koscielny, Sebastien Squillaci and Marouane Chamakh in. These three players managed to fix the team in a very lesser amount of time. According to Arsene this change was a must for better results in the coming season.

As you can see, many changes are made in the team, but according to the latest rumors, fans are not much happy with the performance of the team.