Aug 11, 2019
Inter Handpicked 2 Genius Squad This Summer

The end of the season will be an instant, a left Inter Italian League and a Cup final, and then will come the transfer market is open, but the rumors have in front of Inter Milan this summer, it is difficult to transfer fathom, but the good news though is speculation that in a panic, but Inter have already had a very clear within the ideas.

Inter Milan last summer’s transfer nothing, but this year there are frequent large came into the news, then it really would be to move to Inter, but the transfer, pay big bucks to buy big-name players it? In Casablanca it, this is clearly undesirable behavior, Inter technical director, said: “Inter Milan this Cheap Soccer Jerseys summer on the transfer, we have a very clear plan, until the high-level decision, we will let everyone know.”Moratti said his own son to his admonition Hazzard, the Belgian winger to become the” Gazzetta dello Sport “on the front page, but Branca said:” Inter Hazzard is not set for the task, while now Inter are not concerned with Fernando, in addition to Milan derby on Boateng did not exist. ”

However, in addition to denying the above three, Blanca has personally promised to Inter this summer, there must be a big movement, he said: “President Moratti has been clear for Serie A Jerseys future planning.” Compared to last year, they only buy a new different, “Our bench is not a hot spot, the focus is to update the whole team, but these steps to do it slowly, not risk.” Branca has revealed the Inter transfer policy, in the main are likely leaving the team several circumstances, Moratti signings set for the Inter goal will be those who qualified for the main location of wealthy players, not only about the bench minor.

Before finalizing the objectives signings, Maicon on other teams received the first invitation to the effectiveness of the current Besiktas Quaresma, general manager of CNN in an interview the day before yesterday publicly expressed his appreciation Maicon, he Besiktas said he located Inter Milan Jerseys within 2 weeks will be the official quote Inter. Maicon, but denied the economic links between the two sides, Sky Sports transfer experts Dumas, chief economic Austrian said: “Besiktas Maicon publicly announced interest in, and said that within 2 weeks of the offer, but Prior to this, there is no news heard of this thing, so as soon as possible with the Inter Besiktas best contacts and negotiations, otherwise, it is a self-hype, but nothing more. ”

Big players move out of the situation, needs further time to be coming to an end, but after being in the AC Milan Youth League after a penalty shoot-out, Inter have already clinched the two young rookie first team, it is striker Germany Raniero and defender Beineidedi, Sky Sports reporter Stefano – Nava said: “Young Maicon jersey players are always the future of Inter, Moratti is very optimistic about this group of players, both of which have proved own value, they are de Pinheiro and Beineidedi, they have ready access to the Serie A campaign! “which is Moladiqin point Beineidedi Llano Zia future partner, and De Lanie Luo Zegang just before the Youth Cup for the best shooter game, two were promoted to first team, will be a great complement Inter lineup, why was that Inter Milan’s signings Blanca focus lineup.

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